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Camden Youth Group

We believe working with our children and youth is vital to the church. There are many biblical passages that speak about bringing up children in the way of the Lord. We seek to bring them up in a way that is well pleasing to Him. Our goal is to teach them the principles of Christian living and prepare them for a future in the church.

We have a strong youth program here at Camden, and we are excited about their futures.

A message from our youth minister

While we have a lot of fun as a youth group, we also have a big emphasis on growing together spiritually. We are striving to establish a firm foundation through studying God's Word in fun and creative ways. Not only do we want our youth to know God's Word, but we want them to understand it - to reach the spiritual maturity needed for the world today.

Some of Our Big Events

Challenge Youth Conference

Challenge Youth Conference is a spiritual retreat that takes place each year in Pigeon Forge, TN. Intended for young people and teenagers, CYC is a great opportunity to spend a weekend with your youth group and learn about the Christian values and the challenges our youth face. There is much fun to be had at CYC, but it is also a time of spiritual growth.

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Lads 2 Leaders

Lads 2 Leaders/Leaderettes is an ongoing project each year. Throughout the year, children and youth are sharpening their leadership skills such as public speaking, song leading, general service opportunities, and studying for the bible bowl competition. Convention is held every year on Easter weekend where many youth groups gather to work on and improve these skills and many others.

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Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a yearly event that includes singing, devotionals, arts and crafts, and many other activities! Centered around a fun and exciting theme, children have a lot of fun leaning about biblical stories and principles. We also offer a teenage and adult class so that everyone can experience the fun! VBS is a summer event that takes place one week, Sunday - Wednesday.

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Field Day

Field Dy is a new event at the Camden church of Christ with the first one being in May 2023. This is an opportunity for kids Kindergarten - 8th Grade to come out to the building and practice different sports with high school students and coaches. Different sports include football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and tennis. It is also a great opportunity to meet kids and parents from the community and evangelize to them!

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Summer Youth Series

Each summer, many of the West Tennessee churches of Christ meet together to host the Summer Youth Series. SYS is held at a different congregation each week. While at SYS, there will be singing, a devotional, and a meal to follow. This is a great way for our young people to learn more about God's Word and also meet other people in different youth groups.

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One Heart One Community Day

Community Day is another yearly event that is all about serving others in our community. While service projects change from year to year, this day is all about helping others and evangelizing to them in the process. Our goal is to show others the love and service of Christ. This is another great way to meet new people and show them God's glory.

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