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For our Visitors

To help you feel comfortable when you visit, we want to share a little about ourselves with you.

This congregation loves the Lord, and we love people. When you visit, we want you to feel welcome. We want you to feel at home without the feeling of being overwhelmed. As you travel through this site, please let us know if we can assist you in any way. Once again, thank you so much for stopping by and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

At Camden church of Christ, we truly believe church growth is important. Here’s why: First, because it was the desire of the first century church, and second, because today, many congregations close their doors each year. This awareness and desire for growth is very encouraging and goes hand in hand with hungering and thirsting in our evangelistic efforts.

So, it begs the question, what is growth? The scriptures teach church growth as a two-fold concept. Jesus Christ desires His church to grow spiritually and numerically. These two aspects complement one another. Where there is spiritual growth, there will be numerical growth.

Therefore, when we stop growing spiritually, we will stop growing numerically. We look forward to you visiting us in person and encourage you to grow spiritually and numerically alongside us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect?

You will be greeted by friendly people who are excited about your presence! As a visitor, you will not be singled out or pressured to do anything uncomfortable. We simply want to meet you and make you feel welcome!

Every Sunday, we have a bible study at 9:00 for all ages, and worship at 10:00 AM. During worship, we engage in prayer, acapella singing, communion, and a monetary contribution. We also have a sermon every week from our pulpit minister. Every sermon is prepared with the Bible rather than personal opinions. Everything we do in worship is modeled after the early church we read of in Acts 2. We also worship at 6:00 on Sunday evenings and have a mid-week bible study every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

Is there a dress code?

When you visit with us you will see some men with ties and some without. You will see some women wearing a dress and some will not. All will be dressed modestly. We desire that you are comfortable while visiting with us and you will not be scorned or shunned based upon the way you dress (James 2:1-13). We encourage modest dress for both men and women.

What about my children?

There are several ways for your children to get involved! We offer classes for all ages on Sundays and Wednesdays where students will learn a bible lesson while also meeting other kids. We also have a "pew packer" program for ages 5th grade and under on Sundays at 5:45pm.

Our youth group program is for grades 6th-12th. They engage in several trips and events throughout the year like Challange Youth Conference, Lads 2 Leaders, and others. See our Youth Group page for more information!

Will I be expected to give monetarily?

While we do have a contribution every Sunday, there is no expectation or requirement for you to give. You will not be looked down on or judged simply because you did not contribute. However, God's Word does command us to partake in the offering each week. This is not something we can enforce, but we encourage you to give as you see fit.

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We pray you will be uplifted and encouraged as we join together in worship!

1285 US 70 Bypass, Camden TN, 38320

1285 US-70, Camden, TN 38320, USA

Camden Church of Christ

1285 US 70 Bypass, Camden TN, 38320

(731) 584-7374

Service Times:


Bible Study - 9:00 am

Morning Worship - 10:00 am

Evening Worship - 6:00 pm


Ladies Bible Class - 10:00 am


Mid-week Bible Study - 6:30 pm

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