The Genesis of Life

     It may seem strange to us today, but there was actually a time when people believed in spontaneous generation; they thought that life could spontaneously appear out of nonliving things. But since the days of Louis Pasteur and John Tyndall, back in the 1800s, man has abandoned this theory as false. It has long since been proven, and is a known scientific fact, that life does not and cannot come from non-life. This begs the question: Where did life come from?

     The evolutionist may think, “well that’s easy, it came from life that existed previously. Living things today came from living things in the past, which came from living things before that.” But if you go back far enough, you end up that very first, supposed, living thing. That very first, simple life form, from which every other living thing on the planet, including humans, evolved. After billions of years, natural selection, and a lot of luck, here we are today on a planet filled with life. But, where did that very first living thing come from (whatever it may be claimed to have been)?

     All agree that the earth has not always been here. At some time, the earth came into being. Sometime after that, life appeared. Where did that life come from? Science has proven that life cannot come from nonlife. So, scientifically, life could not have just appeared (spontaneously generated) from a mixture of stuff on a planet where there was no life. The evolutionist has no explanation for this. He has to take a blind leap of faith, which I find ironic, since that is what Christians are accused of.

     I’ve heard one atheist, during an interview, say that perhaps aliens put that very first living thing on earth. Aside from being absurd, that doesn’t solve the problem, it just moves it off the planet. Just as the earth has not always been here, all agree that the universe also had a beginning. That would mean that there was a time before there was physical life anywhere in the universe.

     Whether you believe in atheistic evolution or the Bible, both require faith. The difference is that one involves faith in something already proven false and the other does not. In fact, true science supports Creation time and time again.

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