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How Important Is Gospel Preaching Anyway?

     I hope if you read the above question the thought that came into your mind was, “it is very important!” It seems that many have grown weary of Gospel preaching. There are those who would affirm their faith in the Lord and their desire to go to heaven, but don’t seem all that interested in […]

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What Does it Mean to Baptize?

     The question that is asked in the title above might sound a little bit strange, but what if I were to tell you that “baptism” is a biblical word that has, in some cases, been redefined by man to mean something it doesn’t actually mean? For example, there are some who sprinkle water on […]

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Our Children Kidnapped by the Devil

     In the final chapter of the book of Judges there is a strange story about how wives were obtained for the remaining men of the tribe of Benjamin who did not have wives. Verses 20 and 21 of Judges 21 say: “Therefore they instructed the children of Benjamin, saying, ‘Go, lie in wait in […]

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